Fated: Alex Verus Book 1 – Benedict Jacka

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Review, urban fantasy

Able to see the possible future, Alex Verus runs a magic shop in London.  A small minnow in the world of magic, he keeps his head down and tries to avoid being noticed.  His magic allows him to see the into future, useful when can look into the future when fighting an opponent and know which direction they will come from and what powers they’ll use.

Alex has a dark past he’s trying to hide from, involving an apprenticeship to a Dark mage, a lost love, and a body count.  This has left him with strong desire to stay away from all Dark mages. The White Council have unearthed a relic from the fabled Progenitors though, and they need a probability mage to help them find and understand it.  Before the Dark mages do.

I wanted to read this as Jim Butcher recommended it and am so glad I did.  Like Harry Dresden, Alex lives in a world of magic that exists alongside the normal one.  There’s – a White Council that ignore unpleasant truths, Dark and Light mages, a hierarchy of abilities and prestige. Yet it’s totally different; the world, the magic, the rules.  The first half explains how the magic works, while the second is full of action and a rollercoaster of excitement.

Read this book!  If you liked the Dresden world, you’ll love this unique one.  There is no romance in this book, though the possibility is there for later in the series, so is safe for boys!  I’m looking forward to the next in the series, Cursed.


Supplied by Hatchette

Reviewed by Jan


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