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lover avenged bdb7The Black Dagger Brotherhood returns! Rehvenge has his story told and we learn more about his background and how a sympath half breed was born into an aristocratic vampire family. He meets a vampire nurse, Ehlena, and has to struggle to hide is drug dealing, dirty deeds, and sympath side from her, while submitting to the blackmail of the sympath Princess, his half sister.

Xhex is given a bigger subplot, exploring her character and motivations more, and John Matthew appears often throughout the book. Tohrment snaps out of his grief daze while the Blind King learns to accept his kingship and physical limitations. The evil Lash continues to plot and make chilling alliances with other evildoers. The usual cast of suspects lurk in the background and pop up every so often.

J. R. Ward has a new viewpoint on the vampire rules and creates an exciting, new world. None of them sparkle either. This book was a lot longer than previous ones in the series, probably because there were a lot more back stories in it. I would recommend reading the rest of the series before this one, to get background, and as I could see new readers becoming confused and giving up. This has the usual BDB action, rescues, evil plotting relationships, and the Brotherhood. Sigh.

One thing I couldn’t quite understand was the logistics of how Ehlena copes with Rhev’s spine. I couldn’t visualise it.


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Reviewed by Jan

Lover Enshrined: BDB6 review

lover enshrined bdb6Phury, a warrior of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, is also the Primale – expected to have a harem of 40 Chosen Ones and repopulate the warriors.  He doesn’t want this destiny, as he’s struggling with his feelings for Bella, his brother’s mate, and Cormia, his first in the harem. He also has a serious drug addiction and a self destructive part of his mind whispering negative thoughts to him.  He’s hiding at the Brotherhood compound and is not only killing lessers, but torturing them first.

Cormia has been chosen to be the First Mate, not something she wants.  She has come to live at the compound to get to know Phury.  She comes from ‘The Other Side’ – where all dress alike, there is no colour, no emotions and they are submissive and quiet.  She gets a huge culture shock at the compound but eventually settles in.

Their story was disappointing.  Cormia came across as a gentle, soothing friend to Phury, rather than one of the strong, passionate mates of the previous books.  Phury was also disappointing.  The wizard in his mind thing was annoying and I couldn’t work out why he’d suddenly gone from smoking non addictive red smoke to spiralling down to be a hard core drug addict.  There was no resolution with Bella either. I was waiting for him to have a a-ha moment when he realized that he never really loved Bella, I wanted him to explain this to Cormia and allow her to feel secure. Instead she was left wondering if he still wanted Bella.  Also, what happened to the rest of the Brotherhood?   Why did they let Phury go downhill without attempting to save him?

The subplots in the book were awesome though.  The Omega has a long-term plan to destroy the Brotherhood that is unfolding nicely.  The Brotherhood trainees John Matthew, Qhuinn and Blaylock have a serious drama with another trainee, Lash. Their stories have major advancements with lots of surprises. Rhevenge’s and Xhex’s characters also play a big part, setting the scene for the next book.

For anyone new to the series – don’t start here! You’ll miss out on a lot of the back story. These books are NOT meant to be read stand alone. Besides the previous books have some awesome action.


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Reviewed by Jan

Lover Unbound: BDB5 review

lovVishous, a smart IT geek and scary vampire warrior is a member of the Brotherhood.  He has the gift of prophecy and a glowing hand that can torch dead lesser so they disappear from existence.  The son of the Bloodletter, V grew up in harsh warrior training camps where he endured extreme cruelty.  He now enjoys BDSM, where he is the one being punished.  He also has feelings for Butch, his formerly human roommate who is now mated (Book 4).  After a fight with Lessers, V ends up in a human hospital, where he falls instantly and unexpectedly in love with a human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb. Needing medical care but unwilling to be exposed as a vampire, he kidnaps Jane and brings her to the Brotherhood compound to care for him.

Jane is a brilliant surgeon, dedicated to helping people live.  She grew up in a very repressed household where emotion was frowned on.  She now loves expressing herself and being the best in her field.  After meeting V, she’s impressed by how hot he is, and he loves her brain.

V is destined to become the Primale, a warrior with multiple vampire wives who’s meant to ensure the survival of the species. After meeting Jane he doesn’t want the role so Phury steps in, as he’s in love with someone unattainable, his brother’s mate Bella.  The Scribe Virgin, who turns out to be V’s mother, agrees we get to see a lot of Phury, his potential primary mate, and a lot of background is set up for the next book.

A lesser shoots Jane and she dies in V’s arms.  He tries to resurrect her but is stopped by the Scribe Virgin.  She is horrified by V’s grief and trades her only joy in life (her birds) so Jane can come back.  Jane is now a ghost and V is the only one who can touch her – to everyone else she is translucent.  V then gives his mother a bird to thank her for what she did.

I never got why Jane was fine with being kidnapped by a group of vampires. If I was kidnapped by vampires, I would be freaking out, not joking and flirting with my captor, no matter how hot he was. And V has just kidnapped her, he is her patient, he is a vampire, she is supposed to be very professional, yet she gives him a HJ without even knowing his whole first name? The whole relationship between them was not believable at all, it was too rushed.

Secondary characters do play a bigger role, there’s a lot of detail about John Matthew and his friends, who finally go through transition and Zsadist continues to develop.  The ending left me feeling unsatisfied but I couldn’t wait for Phury’s book. We meet his possible mate and what we find out about her and the culture she arrives from is not to be missed. Lover Unbound is a must for Brotherhood fans but not the book to start the series with.  Definitely R 18.


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Reviewed by Jan

Lover Awakened: BDB3 review

lover awakened bdb3A warrior of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Zsadist lives to fight and kill. They Brotherhood protect vampires from the lessers, de-souled humans whose sole purpose is to exterminate the entire vampire race Zsadist was kidnapped as a baby and sold as a Blood Slave.  He endured many years of captivity and torture until being rescued by Phury, his twin brother.  He was so damaged by his captor, there is no hope for him to ever live a normal life as he only embraces violence.

Bella is a member of the glymera – the aristocratic vampires – and a friend of the human woman who is bonded to Rhage, one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Bella is openly caring and affectionate but stifled by a controlling brother and society’s expectations.  In Lover Eternal: Book 2 she was kidnapped by the leader of the lesser, who considered her his wife.

Now, Zsadist searches for her with a vengeance. He returns to her house many times to feel close to her. When he finally rescues her from captivity, she turns to him for comfort and he struggles to find some humanity in his soul to help her. The brothers are stunned to find him cuddling her in his room, because since his rescue he has been unable to touch and let others touch him. He has refused to eat or feed from fellow vampires.  He know has to protect Bella from the lesser leader who wants his ‘wife’ back, as well as her brother who wants to cloister her.

I like how there were several sub-plots of characters, Tohr and Wellsie, Butch and Marissa, John Matthew and fellow pre-trans warrior trainees.  You can see moreof characters from previous books.  Some new characters are introduced who turn out to be integral in later books.  This is a book with lots of fast-paced action and hot vampire men in tight leather pants.  A must-read but not suitable for tweens.  Please read this series in order so you don’t miss anything.


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Reviewed by Jan

Snow Delaney is in prison, and convicted by public opinion of her sister’s murder.  She starts writing to Jack Fawcett, a journalist, to convince him of her innocence so he can set the record straight.  Snow had no knowledge of her sister’s, Agnes Moore, existence until her father died.  He left a million dollar estate to be shared between them.  Agnes was bought up in an orphanage in England, told her parents had died WWII.  Instead they had migrated to Australia, believing Agnes had been adopted.  Thrilled to have discovered she had a sister Agnes flew to Australia, where she vanished in a dust storm after meeting Snow.

The story is told though Snow and Jack’s letters, his recounting of meetings with Agnes’s daughter, and his digging into Snow’s past. As the story progresses and Jack gets a fuller understanding of Snow, you see the horror of the treatment of mentally ill people in the past through her story as a wide-eyed nurse out to change the system.  It shows her progression to respite carer for physically disabled children and the chilling lack of empathy Snow has.

I like resolution in books – the good guys winning, case solved, all loose ends wrapped up.  This book had none of that but it’s a compelling read and I highly recommend it.  You make up our own mind at the ending and I think I know what happened, but there’s a feeling of what-if.  I’m going to track down and read all other books by this author; she’s now a must-read for me!


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Reviewed by Jan

The barrier between humans and othernaturals has been broken and it is almost Halloween, the night their power is strongest.  Creek finds the dead daughter of the mayor, drained from what looks like a vampire attack.  Estranged from her mother, she was a comarre wannabe and recently gave birth.  Pressed for answers, Creek has to convince the mayor there are othernaturals and to cancel Halloween.  The mayor and her werewolf bodyguards take refuge at Chrysabelle’s to ride out the storm.

Chrysabelle is still recovering from the loss of her comarre markings – the sigma – in Flesh and Blood, but eager to complete her mission to find her comar brother.  She need information from the Aurelian to do this, but needs her sigma to do this.  To get them she needs sacred gold, not easy to come by.  The only thing that might do is the Ring of Sorrows, which has been hidden in the fae realm.  Chrysabelle, Malkom, and Mortalis head to New Orleans to retrieve it, a city that has outlawed vampires.  Caught up in fae politics, they can’t get back to help defend New Miami during Halloween.

Doc and Fi are finally free now the witch’s spell has restored Doc’s ability to shift to leopard form.  But there’s a catch, now the witch can see through Doc’s eyes and control his body.  And she wants Doc to bring her the comarre wannabe’s baby.  Fi locks him in Chrysabelle’s wine cellar during Halloween to keep him safe from the witch.  Meanwhile Tatiana gains more power and finds new allies.  She sends a Trojan horse to storm Chrysabelle’s house at Halloween and retrieve the Ring of Sorrows.  We learn more of Damian, her former comar who fled and found sanctuary in Chrysabelle’s house.

Clever plots, lots of action, sexual tension and vampires that don’t sparkle.  This series gets more intriguing with each book.  I can’t wait for book 4 & 5 to be released – no information yet on when that will be.  Read them.  The series has an interesting new twist on the same old vampire story.

Another fantastic book cover!  The art is by Nekro ( again and depicts Chrysabelle so well.  The covers of this series are awesome, tempting to those like me who judge a book by its cover.  The book does not disappoint either, continuing Mal and Chrys’s fight against Tatiana and the breaking of the Covenant.  You need to have read the first two books in the series – Blood Rights and Flesh and Blood – or you’ll be lost; they have so much information in them.  This book has several storylines tightly interweaved together and the story told from the POV of those involved in each one.


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Reviewed by Jan

The Covenant has been broken and the veil between humans and supernaturals is gone.  More and more humans discover the existence of the vampires, fae and othernaturals, and the threat of the inevitable war between them looms.

After the murder of her mother, Chrysabelle escaped with the Ring of Sorrows and hides it.  Tatiana is hunting her down and means to possess the ring.  Dominic is mourning the loss of Maris.  Doc is heartbroken. Fi has died and is determined to bring her back.  Malkom is unswayable in his desire to protect Chrysabelle but he has a problem – she’s not actually talking to him.  He also has competition for Chrysabelle’s attention.

Creek is from an ancient sect of super human hunters, the Kulai Mata.  His goals are;

  • return the Ring of Sorrows to his order
  • protect Chrysabelle
  • bed her

Not necessarily in that order.  Chrysabelle has to choose between Mal and Creek – so chooses both.  Ha!

Little bits of information are scattered throughout, giving a deeper background and showing where the future books will go.  There are many twists and turns in the plot, and the ending – all I’ll say is I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series.  This series just keeps getting better and better.

Another fabulous book cover!  The art is by Nekro ( again and enough to make you buy the book.  You must have read Blood Rights first though, as it contains important backstory.  The books are being released back to back and I hear the proposed trilogy has been expanded to five books.  Yay – more Mal and Chrys!

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Reviewed by Jan