The Black Dagger Brotherhood – An Insiders Guide – J R Ward

Posted: December 24, 2012 in paranormal, Review

This book can be split into two parts.   First is for BDB fans.  The other is advice and tips on writing that can be applied generally.

First, a short story about Z and Bella.  Squee!!!

Then questionaries the brothers have filled out and interviews with each.  JR Ward then gives an overview of each book – how she crafted it, people, places, character motivation.  Deleted scenes are included, with an explaination of why they were taken out.  JR Ward also shares her favourite bits from each book as well as all the Brothers interviewing her.

JR Ward’s site has forums –  Some message board threads from the Brothers are posted here and pretty hilarious.  Some little scenes of life from the Brotherhood are also made available on the board and are in the book.

In the Writer’s section she lists her 8 writing rules – #8: listen to your rice krispies! – and gives advice to those who want to get published.  She gives advice about query letters – what to include, what to leave out – and reproduces the exact proposal she sent out for the first BDB book, Dark Lover.

This is a must read for fans.  It also has very wise advice on writing.


Supplied by Hatchette

Reviewed by Jan

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