Lover Reborn – Brotherhood of the Black Dagger Book 10 – J R Ward

Posted: December 23, 2012 in paranormal, Review

lover at last bdb11When a vampire dies by any ‘natural’ means or are pure they move unto the Fade, but bad people end up in Dhunhd (hell).  If they commit suicide, it’s either wither away in the ‘in between’ or move into hell.   No’one was raped by a sympath, before being found and sheltered by Darius and Thor.  She gave birth to Xhex, and then committed suicide with Thor’s dagger.  She has spent the last few hundred years in the service of the Scribe Virgin, working as a servant to try to forgive her sins.  She was a bit too passive for me, letting Thor treat her horribly and being a martyr.  I was pleased he got to know Xhex though.

Thor is still devastated over the loss of his shellan, Wellsie and unborn son, murdered by a lesser.  He’s fighting lessers every night and has a death wish.  Then he learns Wellsie and the baby are trapped in the In-Between by his refusal to let them go.  They can’t get to the Fade and are disappearing, doomed not to have peace.  He has to move on and has help from No’one and Lassiter, a fallen angel.  Thor was a bit of a whiner – oh poor me, I’m broken – and needed a good kick over how he treated No’one (and the memory of Wellsie).

The Band of Bastards has a plot against the Blind King, with the intent of claiming the throne for Xcor. They have a series of secret meetings with members of the glymera, to gain support for dethroning Wrath.  Xcor is a great character, I started off not liking him, then hoping someone see below his exterior and he gets his HEA.

There are multiple storylines, and reading the previous books first is recommended, to grasp the back-story.  These are not a teenager’s vampires. The Brotherhood is rough, violent, raw, and very, very sexy.  Definitely adult only.  Finally!  Thor’s story!  The original brothers all have their HEAs now; it’s time for the secondary characters to get theirs.  Qhuinn & Blay are the next story!  But what of Layla?  She now has feelings for someone but is ……. – read the book.  In 2013 all will be clear.


Supplied by Hatchette

Reviewed by Jan

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