I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella

Posted: December 10, 2012 in general fiction, Review

Poppy Wyatt has just got engaged to handsome intellectual Magnus and is having a boozy lunch with her girlfriends to celebrate.  Horror ensues when she loses her engagement ring, an heirloom that has been in her Magnus’s family for years.  Having given out her phone number to all hotel staff to call should they find it, Poppy is then mugged and her mobile taken.  She finds a discarded mobile in a bin and decides to use it – finder’s keepers!  Only the businessman whose phone it was isn’t too happy with this.

Sam Roxton is a very successful consultant whose PA just quit, dumping her company phone in the bin on the way out.  He agrees to let Poppy keep the phone temporarily until her ring is found, as she gave out the number as her new one.  His condition is she has to forward all emails and texts to him.  This works well – until a solution to the missing engagement ring crisis is found…..

This book was enjoyable and a good standalone Kinsella novel.  There were times I wanted to slap the heroine to stop her doing something silly, but this is a light, fluffy, fun read where everything works out and the ending is happy.  Perfect for days when you don’t want to think too much and just spend a lazy time enjoying an easy read.

Bantam Press

Supplied by Random House

Reviewed by Jan


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