Tricked: The Iron Druid Chronicles 4 – Kevin Hearne

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Review, urban fantasy

Having caused mayhem with the Norse thunder gods, Atticus O’Sullivan has lured them to the Arizona desert so they can get revenge by killing him.  After some trickery with the help of Morrigan, the goddess of death, the gods leave certain they’ve managed to kill him and avenged their dead.  Atticus can now get on with life without looking over his shoulder constantly.

Then he meets Coyote, the Navajo trickster god and agrees to help him with his vision, to set up sustainable energy plants all over the Navajo land and benefitting his people by being under their control.  Coyote tricks Atticus into fighting a war against skinwalkers, blood-thirsty desert shape-shifters.

Atticus has the same sort of style as Harry Dresden but they are two very different characters.  Though there are some similarities – druid/wizard, Molly/Granuaile as apprentices, dog sidekicks who are no ordinary dogs – this is a refreshing new story.  I loved Oberon, his slavering sidekick obsessed with bacon.  The mental exchanges between them are hilarious!  This book was the fourth in the series but the first I had read.  I’d only got a few pages in before realising I had to track down the first three to read.

Action packed plot, fun characters, interesting mythology, this book has it all.  A great read for anyone.


Supplied by Hachette

Reviewed by Jan


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