Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor

Posted: November 20, 2012 in paranormal, Review

Karou is studying art at a high school in Prague, filling her sketchbooks with stories, depicted in drawings of fantastic creatures.  She has a puppeteer best friend, a stalker ex-boyfriend who’s insanely hot, and the admiration of her peers for her talent.  Karou also has naturally bright blue hair, a lot of tattoos, and a necklace of beads that give you one wish.  Raised by a family made of chimaeras, Karou used various portals to slip in and out of the human word as a child and now runs errands for them; collecting teeth in exchange for wishes.

Azril is an angel, one of the beautiful men and women who have left irremovable black handprints on doors around the world before vanishing on unseen wings.  The doors are portals to other worlds and the work of the devil.  The angels are trying to eradicate evil from the world.  Once every door is marked they are set alight and close all the portals.  Karou is cut off from her family, stranded and alone.  But Azril has seen her, and fascinated, tracks her down…..

The book started off slow for me, only getting interesting toward the middle.  The writing is fine, the plot unique and interesting, I just prefer more action and only found it halfway through.  This is a story that young adults will appreciate.  The first half built the background of Karou and set the scene, making you able to ‘see’ her.  The characters are well formed and her family give you a different perspective, being able to love though evil and doing horrible things.  The ‘good guys’ (angels) aren’t so innocent however and have rewritten history.

If you want to know what the teeth are used for, keep reading.  It’s a slow start but gets better.  Off to read the sequel Days of Blood and Starlight.

Little, Brown and Company

Reviewed by Jan


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