Rapture: Fallen Angel Book 4 – JR Ward

Posted: November 3, 2012 in paranormal, Review

Jim Heron returns in another good vs evil battle to save the souls of seven people.  He’s joined by Adrian and Dog, his remaining angelic soldiers now Eddie has been cut down.  The soul they have this time is Jim’s former boss in XOps, the soul Devina won in Crave.

Matthias has been given a second chance, waking up naked on a grave after being released from Hell. Stumbling from the grave, he’s hit by a car driven by Mels.  A reporter for the Caldwell Courier, Mels feels terrible about the John Doe she hit.  Upon finding out he has amnesia, Mels sets about finding out his identity and about his former life.  The XOps team is after its former head though and operatives are after Matthias

Mels also has someone trying to kill her, as Devina knows she’s Matthias’s weak link and without Mels around, he is more likely to choose an evil path.  Jim and Adrian follow her, protecting her from ‘accidents’ Devina has plotted, so Matthias doesn’t make the wrong choice.  Furious that Jim fooled her in the last battle for souls, Devina plans a payback involving Cissy, a lost soul Jim is obsessed with.

The story is tightly plotted with a lot of action happening in the tight timeline.  The preceding there books should be read, to give the backstory and figure out who the characters are.  The occasional minute BDB reference is also dropped.  I don’t like seeing Devina’s vulnerable side and struggles with OCD – she’s supposed to be evil incarnate and I don’t want to be sympathetic to her!  Another great story from the Warden though.

Published by Piatkus

Supplied by Hatchette

Reviewed by Jan

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