Aralorn: Masques & Wolfsbane – Patricia Briggs

Posted: October 26, 2012 in fantasy, Review

This is two books – Masques is the first ever book by Patricia Briggs, and has been reprinted and published with it’s the sequel, Wolfsbane. When she went back over a book she wrote 20 years ago, Briggs was horrified and edited it extensively!  The explanation of how the books were born is amusing to read.  As the writer’s husband said, the plot has been done before, but this is told in a refreshing, interesting story.  I don’t want to give any spoilers so will keep this brief.

Aralorn is a noble lady who gave up everything to become a mercenary, travelling the land and having exciting adventures.  Having green (natural) magic through her mother’s side, she can shape shift and assume the form of many animals, an advantage when you’re a spy.  In Masques, Aralorn is given the mission of gathering information on the powerful Geoffrey ae’Magi, the leader of all wizards.  Wolfsbane has the story of her father dying and Aralorn returning to her family home to mourn him.

An exciting story with action, adventure, evil mages, disposed kings, and dragons, good vs evil in this fresh new story.  Any ages can read this book; Tamora Pierce fans will love it.  Hugely enjoyable, these stories are different from her Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega series but just as compelling.


Reviewed by Jan

Supplied by Hachette

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