Tangle Of Need – Nalini Singh

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Review

Adria is a Snow Dancer soldier who has returned to the den after the messy end of a long relationship with a less dominant wolf.  Riaz is a Snow Dancer lieutenant whose chosen mate, Lisette, is human and in love with her husband.  The immediate attraction the two feel toward each other is red hot and sizzling.  There are many very steamy scenes that are R18.  Adria is not Riaz’s mate though.  There is some doubt they can have a future together.

Adria is afraid to fall in love with Riaz, as his heart belongs to another.  The scars his uncompleted mating bond leave begin to heal though, and Riaz works hard to convince Adria he has no more interest in another woman and she is his choice.  Then Lisette appears as the liaison for the Changelings with the Human Alliance.

Hawk and Sienna have a big role in the book, with their relationship being explored more.  Other familiar characters also return; Lucas and Sasha, Vaughn and Faith, Judd and Brenna.  There’s a tightly woven plot that raises a lot of questions to be answered latter in the series (I hope). I’m really looking forward to finding out more about Kaleb and the breaking of Silence the Psy are experiencing.  I also really want to read Vasic’s story.

This is not a standalone story, you need to read the other ten Psy-Changeling stories to understand this world, or at least the preceding Kiss Of Snow to get a sense of what is happening.

Reviewed by Jan

Supplied by Hachette

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