The Cutting Room – Jilliane Hoffman

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Review

Manny Alvarez is an experienced cop in Miami who is given a case with a body in a dumpster.  Drugged and horribly tortured, the victim was last seen with a spoiled rich kid and the investigation leads to him being found to be the killer.  The case goes to court with Assistant State Attorney Daria di Bianchi  prosecuting.  Then the accused’s mother receives a disturbing video of a young women being tortured in the same way as the victim.

As Manny and Daria try to uncover who she is and if there’s a serial killer out there, they come to the disturbing realisation there’s a snuff club operating, sick people who watch the torture broadcast live.  The only lead is from the depraved rapist and serial killer William Bantling, who claimed to be a member of this depraved society.  CJ Templeton was the prosecutor in William Bantling’s case.  She was also a victim of his years ago.  Having fled Miami to hide from the memories, she’s drawn back to help find the society.

This book was very well written – tightly complex plots with multiple viewpoints and chillingly dark.  The good guys were strong characters who fought for the right thing and the bad guys – scary!  Never having read Jilline Hoffman, I quickly picked up the gist of what had happened in previous books.  Enough detail was given without over explaining, and I’m now determined to find the earlier books.  The ending was not happy but I loved the last paragraph, and will be impatiently waiting for the next book.  This author is addictive!

Supplied by HarperCollins

Reviewed by Jan

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