Dragon’s Oath PC & Kristin Cast

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Review

Dragon’s Oath

PC & Kristin Cast

Published by Atom

Supplied by Hatchette

Reviewed by Jan

This is a short story of Dragon – how he got the name and ended up fencing instructor at the House of Night.  Its the first in a new mini-series of novellas about the House of Night.  The story explains the background of Dragon and Anastasia, their love affair, his oath to her, and his torment after her death in Awakenings.  It’s fun to see these two when they were young, and have a bit more insight into Dragon’s personality.  It makes his character more real and helps to better understand his actions at the end of Awakened.

Banished from his noble English family, Bryan Lankford is Marked on the docks and becomes a Fledgling.  He travels to America, finding that he has a talent for the sword along the way.  Bryan becomes Dragon Lankford, a Sword Master, teaching at the House of Night.  There he meets Anastasia, a Professor of Spells and History.

Becoming a Fledgling proves to be exciting, but it opens a door to a dangerous world….  Dragon is caught up in a dark power and uses his fighting skills and brains to ward off the evil.  All the while protecting Anastasia.

Dragon’s Oath is a quick, sweet read.  It’s suitable for teens, like the rest in the House of Night series.  My favourite in the House of Night series, you need to read Awakened first.

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