Fair Game: Alpha & Omega Book 3 – Patricia Briggs

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Review

Fair Game: Alpha & Omega Book 3

Patricia Briggs


Anna and Charles are asked to be consultants to the FBI task force set up to catch a serial killer.  They discover that while some victims were werewolves, most of the others were fae.   While they are helping, a new victim goes missing, sparking a desperate race against time to find her and the killer before it’s too late.  The human daughter of a high-ranking fae is then kidnapped, and the taskforce has only hours to find her. Witches and extinct fae may be involved in the crime, and Anna is the next target.

Tightly plotted, the story moved at a fast pace, and had a lot of action.  There were some tender moments but not too many.  The characters were strong and interesting, with most of them newcomers.  It was interesting to see how much Anna has changed from the scared, timid werewolf in On The Prowl.  She’s now a confident, Omega that doesn’t need rescuing.

This is a must read for any Patricia Briggs fans.  It gives important information in the outing of werewolves and this sets things up for the next in the Mercedes Thompson series.  I did not see that ending coming!  This book is set directly after River Marked and can be read alone though, as enough information is given to grasp the world its set in.  The ending is both satisfying and realistic, altering the fragile dynamic of human/supernatural relations. Things won’t be the same again.



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