Songs Of The Earth: The Wild Hunt Book 1 – Elspeth Cooper

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Review

Songs Of The Earth: The Wild Hunt Book 1

Elspeth Cooper


Caught practising using magic, Gair is condemned as a heretic by the church and tortured to make him repent.  Unexpectedly released, he is guided out of the city by Alderan, a stranger who understands The Song, the source of Gair’s magic.  They make their way south, to an island Alderan knows of that has a school for others who can hear The Song.  There is a bit of danger along the way as they are pursued by a witch finder.

The church turns out to have a number of factions, and the political manoeuvring among them is intense.  One of them has employed the witch finder, who is curiously determined to find and kill Gair.  Along the way, Alderan and Gair meet a character who will play a major role later.  Gair learns more about The Song, and they narrowly escape death several times.

Told from the POV of several key characters, this book starts out slow, describing things and careful world building.  A lot of information is given and it seems a bit boring.  Please persevere though, things heat up in the last third of the book, nuggets of information make sense and you realise – aha!  That’s why that happened – as things fall into place.  Well worth reading and you get a good idea of the various players.  Off to read the next in The Wild Hunt series!


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