Arise – Tara Hudson

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Review


Tara Hudson

Amelia is dead.  Only not.  She’s stuck between two worlds, the afterlife and her former life, where she can see goings on but no one can see her.  Seers have the ability to see ghosts and luckily for Amelia, her boyfriend, Josh, is one.  After months of worrying people because he talks to imaginary people, Josh is being sent to stay with relatives in New Orleans for a break.  He’s happy because the relative he’s being sent to is a Seer, so Josh can talk to her about Amelia.

Meanwhile Amelia is being warned by another Ghost, Eli, who’s stuck in Purgatory, that the demons of the ghost world are after her.  He tells her to control her and her powers, they’ll use anyone close to her and to avoid hurting anyone, she has to leave them.  So Amelia decides to leave town and joins Josh on his trip.  In a haunted city like New Orleans though, ghosts are everywhere and Amelia is soon being hunted again.  She meets Gabrielle, a ghost who has found a way to live a half life, and is determined to find the secret.

This was the second in the series and I haven’t read the first.  I’m also not into ghost stories so that may colour my view.  I just didn’t like this book.  I thought the heroine was dippy and the hero was boring.  The first chapter also raised questions I didn’t want to know, namely how does a live person get romantic with a ghost.  Secondary characters, like Gabrielle, were interesting though, and hopefully she plays a bigger part in the next book.  Teens might enjoy this book.

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