Devil May Cry: Dark-Hunters Book 11 – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Review

Devil May Cry: Dark-Hunters Book 11

Sherrilyn Kenyon


Sin is a Sumerian god who was stripped of his powers by Artemis.  He has spent the last 11,000 years fighting Gallu demons while dressed in black leather, and plotting revenge against Artemis.  Sin’s father created the Gallu and his entire family has been destroyed fighting to keep humans safe from them.  The only other person capable of fighting them is Ash, and bound by his promise to Artemis, he’s unable to help.  So Sin is the only one stopping the Gallu from destroying the earth.

Katra is a goddess devoted to fighting evil.  She is also a servant of Artemis, carries out her orders, and is also Artie’s lookalike daughter.  After being ordered by Artemis to kill Sin, Kat is captured by him.  After learning how her mother stole his powers, she decides to make things right by fighting with him to defeat the Gallu and avoid the Apocalypse.  Kat is also Ash’s daughter.  He finally finds about her after 12,000 years.

They must rescue Sin’s twin brother, Zakar, from his torture at the hands of the Gallu, as well as stopping the Gallu demons, the Dimme, from escaping.  Dream-Hunters, daimons, dolphoni and Chrontere demons team up to offer their help – yes! Simi!  Throughout the book we get a clearer hint of Ash’s past, his ties to Artemis, and family.

This is a well-written action-packed story filled with known and new characters and very hot romance.  A new Dream-Hunter was introduced, Xipher, who sounds interesting!  Ash’s servitude to Artemis ends with this book and next in the series is his story – so there’s anticipation to look forward to.

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