Fevre Dream – George RR Martin

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Review

Fevre Dream

George RR Martin


Supplied by Hatchette

It is 1875 and Joshua York is a vampire – part of a race that existed long before humans existed and who need to drink fresh blood once a month.  After discovering a harmless way to do this, Joshua wants to become bloodmaster (leader of this society), gather his people and lead them out of hiding to live peacefully with humans.  His main obstacle in this is the current bloodmaster, Damon Julian, ancient, insane, and seriously depraved.

Abner Marsh is a broke Mississippi steamboat owner.  To turn his luck around and regain his business, he accepts an offer of partnership from Joshua York.  He wants the new steamboat, the Fevre Dream to use as a cover when travelling in search of his kind.  Abner knows Joshua is a bit ‘off’ but his love for the river helps suppress his misgivings.

There was a lot of boring (to me) detail about boats and I lost interest.  The story seemed slow-paced and to drag with all the flashbacks.  There wasn’t enough romance for me and it was too much in the horror genre, which is not appealing to me.  If you want light, fluffy, mindless entertainment, this is not the book for you.  If you like historical horror boat vampire stories, try this.

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