Strange Brew – edited by P. N. Elrod –

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Review

Edited by P. N. Elrod

Strange Brew

Published by St. Martin’s Griffin

Supplied by Auckland Libraries

This is a collection of stories by urban fantasy authors, and I found they were well selected and kept my attention.  I also discovered a couple of authors I hadn’t read before and am interested in reading more of.

There are some familiar story settings; ‘Seeing Eye’ .by Patricia Briggs has a blind witch helping a werewolf find his cop brother.  They’re not part of the Marrock’s pack but the setting is after he outed werewolves.  I found this story very enjoyable and my only complaint is it ended to soon.  Finding out more about the witch and her family (her father took one eye then she removed the other) would be very interesting.  I hope to see more of the cop brother in a spin off series.  ‘Bacon’ is by Charmaine Harris and is about a very old vampire joining forces with a witch from an ancient bloodline to find out who killed her beloved werewolf husband.  I love the ending!

There’s a Nocturne City story by Caitlin Kittredge, about Luna’s cousin Sunny.  It was a pleasant surprise as she shows she’s just as tough as Luna.     There’s also ’Last Call’, a Harry Dresden story where the wizard takes on the darkest of dark powers – the ones who dare to mess with his favourite beer.


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